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REBUILD broken bonds and CONTROL frizz with the 320 PURE SMOOTHIE L SERIES, a professionally formulated, leave in conditioner that provides shine, softness, and silkiness to untangle the hair. It contains a thermal sunscreen agent that safeguards the hair from UV rays and damage from high temperatures, and protects the hair from styling tools that cause split and porous ends.


Buriti Oil:
Buriti oil is considered the richest natural source of Beta-carotene, which contains properties that absorb radiation and UV rays to reduce dryness and increase elasticity.

Coconut Extracts:
Coconut oil is mainly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This gives coconut oil a long, straight structure, which is easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft.

Wheat Germ:
contains an array of vitamins, including vitamin E, which helps to promote new hair growth both in terms of length and volume of the hair, by keeping a healthy scalp and healthy root of the hair.

Argan Oil:
Argania Spinosa Kernel is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic to Morocco. Argan Oils are said to have cancer preventive and anti-inflammatory properties and have been shown to lubricate the hair shaft and help the hair maintain moisture.


Smoothie L-Series can be applied with wet or dry hair, depending on the process: Untangle, comb the iron or control the frizz. Best used with 320 Pure Luminescence Buriti Oil L-Series

Authorized Resellers Only: Please be aware that REV 320 haircare products can only be sold by authorized resellers. If you wish to sell our products on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart or your own website you must first obtain authorization from our company. Any unauthorized Reselling of our products will be considered a violation of our policies and may result in legal action. Thank you for understanding.

    320 pure smoothie for fine hair
    320pure smoothie hair care
    320pure smoothie for fine hair
    320pure smoothie benefits
    before and after applying 320pure smoothie for fine hair
    320pure smoothie for fine hair and splash of water
    a model applying 320pure smoothie for fine hair
    a model brushing her hair with detangler brush 320pure
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