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Moisture-Balance Harmony.

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Experience a wave of freshness with our Ocean Refresh Back-to-School Bundle, perfectly tailored for students stepping into the new academic year. This bundle blends the moisturizing benefits of our shampoo, the versatile styling support of the smoothie, and the glossy finish provided by our luminescence oil. When used together, these products create a harmonious balance, keeping your hair refreshed, well-styled, and lustrous. Dive into the school year with beautifully cared-for hair, giving you one less thing to worry about as you focus on your studies!


-Shampoo: Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, rinse thoroughly.
-Smoothie: Distribute a small amount through damp hair, style as desired.
-Luminescence Oil: Apply a few drops to mid-lengths and ends of damp or dry hair, do not rinse out.


1.Moisturizing benefits of the shampoo hydrate and nourish hair for improved health and appearance.
2.Versatile styling support from the Smoothie enables easy creation of various hair styles.
3.Glossy finish from the Luminescence Oil enhances hair's shine and vibrancy.
4.Harmonious balance of products provides a comprehensive hair care routine.
5.Enables students to focus on their studies with less concern about hair maintenance and styling.


This kit contains:
-320 Pure Lseries - Moisture Rich Shampoo 16oz.
-320 Pure Lseries - Smoothie 8oz.
-320 Pure Lseries - Luminscence Oil 4oz.

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    320pure refreshing back to school bundle
    Ocean Refresh Bundle with REV320 model
    REV320 Ocean Refresh bundle
    Ocean Refresh Hair Care Bundle by REV320
    SAFETY & QUALITY On time delivery