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4 Ways to Start a Perfect Hair Care Routine

4 Ways to Start a Perfect Hair Care Routine

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We all want our hair to look its best, whether that means having gorgeous natural hair, thick, undamaged strands, or bouncy, shining curls. And having a customized hair-care routine is the first step to having amazing hair. Imagine it as a fundamental set of guidelines you follow every day and/or night to take care of your hair, which you can adjust based on your hair type and objectives.

Discover what it will take to maintain the health of your distinctive locks by reading on.

Identify your hair type

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Knowing the type of your hair will help you focus on and choose the best products and treatments to improve it. The four primary types of hair are straight, wavy, curly, and coily. You will learn to address the appropriate hair issues as you gain a better understanding of your hair type.

Additionally, being aware of your hair type enables you to select the appropriate serums, shampoos, masks, and brushes for your hair.

Determine your hair needs

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Once you are aware of your hair type, you may select what it requires as well as your potential "hair motivation."

Here is a quick list of some typical hair issues and requirements:

Damage: Too much heat or coloring, friction (from pulling hair into tight buns or ponytails), and exposure to the elements (sun, wind, salt, or chlorine in water) can all cause damage to hair, leaving it feeling dry and unappealing.

Frizz: Your hair may be more prone to "going rogue" when it is dry or lacking in moisture (due to humidity, heredity, or trauma). Hair that is frizzy rises out, sticks out, and is difficult to control.

Shine: Hair that is rough, frizzy, or damaged may appear dull, and too-heavy products may also leave a residue. Clean, moisturized, and healthy hair shines. Hair's outermost layer is flat so it can reflect light.

Volume: Unlike hair thickness, which is beyond your control, volume is somewhat under your control. With specific haircuts, styling methods, and even products, you may give your hair more volume, which is the appearance of fullness.

Use natural hair care products that fits your hair type and needs

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Hair Care Products For Women

For anyone who often utilizes strong styling products, REV320 suggests their hair care products, particularly the pure moisture rich shampoo. It aids in strengthening, repairing, and nourishing your hair. It can be used in combination with other REV320 hair care products.

Below are some hair care products that should be used;

  • A daily shampoo and a deep-cleansing shampoo
  • Deep conditioner for a monthly deep conditioning treatment for daily use
  • Apply hair mask
  • If you're skipping a shampoo, wear a shower cap.
  • During washing, use a headband or clips to keep your hair out of your face.
  • Depending on your hair type, use a leave-in conditioner, gel, or mousse.
  • Combs, brushes, and other styling equipment
  • After drying , using of oils, serums, or hairspray

Hair Care Products For Men

List of recommended hair products for men are below;

Do your hair care routine

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Now that you are aware of your hair type and your objectives, it is time to develop the ideal daily hair care routine.


Some say that washing once or twice a week is ideal for most people. However, it's okay to wash your hair more frequently if you frequently work out or perspire a lot and have scalp breakouts. Simply pick a gentle shampoo and make sure to always use leave-in conditioner.

Leave-in conditioners work best on all types of hair. If you want to minimize breakage, hydrate your hair as much as you can.

Drying and Styling

Do a deep conditioner once a week and take a break from using heat on your hair. Get those ponytails rubber bands out by taking a few "off" days each week.

Furthermore, utilize a heat protectant regardless of your hair type. Your hair is shielded from heat with an argan oil or coat applied topically.

Cuts and Trims

Visit the salon for a trim or dusting every six to eight weeks. A "dusting" is similar to the tiniest of trims to maintain healthy hair.

You can extend it for a few more weeks if you don't heat style your hair. Additionally, individuals with short hair or hair colors may require trims or touch-ups more frequently.


Keep in mind that your hair type, your hair objectives, and the amount of time you have will all determine the best hair routine for you. You can enjoy healthy hair for days to come if you perfect your routine now