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Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Hair

Hair Care Tips: Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Hair

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Retaining your natural hair care routine will revive hair's beauty and radiance

Most women aspire to have shiny, healthy hair. But did you know that little mistakes can make your hair lifeless and dull? Some common bad hair care behaviors can cause hair damage, including breakage, dryness, and even hair loss. Stop abusing your hair; it's time to swap out terrible hair practices for magnificent hair and beauty advice. By following these tips, you may easily chase bad hair days away with at-home hair care.

Hair Care Do’s

Use a moisture rich shampoo

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DO give your hair a routine wash. The greatest conditions for hair growth are created by a clean scalp, which supports a healthy scalp. Depending on your hair's needs, you may choose to shampoo once a day or three times each week.

REV320 shampoos can help you have a clean scalp and hair, especially,        320 Pure Moisture Rich Shampoo helps nourish, repair and strengthen your hair. Its hair retaining moisture and elasticity gives your hair a lustrous shine. Ideal for daily use, to repair split ends that have been damaged by chemicals, relaxers, and heat from high temperature styling tools.

Use a hair oil

Hair Oil Use

To increase moisture in your strands, use pure argan oil after cleansing and before conditioning. Our 320 Pure Lustre Argan Oil have been shown to lubricate the hair shaft and help the hair maintain moisture.

You should only use your oil on freshly washed hair because dirt and product residue stick to your hair on a daily basis. This will enable your hair to absorb the most nutrition from the oil. Apply your preferred natural hair care product (conditioner or mask) last, then rinse. Since argan oil is a relatively light, thin oil, any extra will be rinsed away, thus greasiness is not a concern.

Use a hair serum

Hair Serum Use

Every time you are preparing to style your hair with hot tools, use a strengthening hair serum to prevent it from heat damage. Start at the ends of your hair and move the serum up toward the roots when pre-heating your hair.

Our 320 Pure Luminescence Oil contains a unique blend of organic extracts, which are easily absorbed by each individual strand to shield the hair against external heat and help seal porous ends while maintaining natural and artificial color.

Use a hair mask

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To promote your hair’s healthiness, provide gloss and smoothness, detangle and be nourished, use the best hair mask for you. Our 320 Pure Hair Mask contains an array of vitamins, including vitamin E, which provide a healthy scalp and healthy root of your hair.

Before using any type of treatment, your hair must be clean in order for it to absorb the product more effectively. You should wash and condition your hair first (use a sulfate-free shampoo if you have color-treated hair). Apply a heavy coating of product from root to tip if your hair is long or thick, and then divide it into two or three sections. Work the product into your hair from roots to ends, massaging it into your scalp as you go. Make sure you equally coat all of your strands. Before properly rinsing it out with warm water, leave it on for 15-20 minutes (or longer if you can). Avoid using hot water since it can remove the components that are restoring from your strands.

Protect your hair from the sun

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Like your skin, your hair needs to be shielded from the sun's damaging rays. When spending more time in the sun, cover yourself with a hat or scarf.

Hair Care Dont’s

Do not burn your hair

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High heat exposure will dry your hair and cause it to become frizzy and dry. Lack of moisture makes hair shafts brittle, which causes severe breaking and split ends. We're not suggesting you to toss away your expensive styling supplies, but take some preventative measures. NEVER use the high heat setting if your hair is fine or thin. If your hair is really thick and coarse, you can use high heat to remove the first dampness. Follow the hair serum hairstyle to prevent heat damage to your hair if you use styling irons. In the next phase, we'll talk more about defending hair against heat.

Don’t over wash your hair

proper washing of hair

Over washing your hair will remove your hair's natural oils, leaving it lifeless, dry, and dull. Depending on how active you are, determine how frequently you should wash your hair. Avoid letting grease and oil build up on your scalp since not washing it sufficiently can cause scaly and irritated skin. Determine what is best for you in order to succeed.

Avoid styling wet hair

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It's a no-no to brush or style your hair just after taking a shower because damp hair is the most sensitive and fragile. In general, combing damp hair stretches the strands, resulting in wear and tear and broken ends. Untangle with a wide-toothed comb. Start with the ends and move gently up toward the roots.

Avoid tying your hair up too tightly

proper tying of hair

The hair shaft stretches when it is tied in tight ponytails, braids, or headbands, leading to breakage. Additionally, persistent hair pulling can result in traction alopecia, a disorder that causes hair loss. If your hair is taken out frequently, it may eventually stop growing in those spots permanently, leaving a bald patch.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Hair

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In reality, daily brushing might be a quick treatment for hair that looks smooth and shining. Hair that is not brushed often is frequently tangled and disorganized. Dead hairs and other debris get left in hair when you don't brush it several times a day, leading to knots and, you guessed it, additional tangles. It is also highly beneficial to brush your hair before using your preferred natural hair care products so that the products may coat every hair strand uniformly to cleanse and nourish.

Congratulations, you've succeeded in getting healthier hair! Your locks will shine to their fullest potential in no time if you keep up with these helpful hair care tips in your natural hair care routine.