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5 Ways to Avoid Hair Damage To Achieve Healthy Hair

5 Ways to Avoid Hair Damage and Achieve Healthy, Happy Hair

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Let's be real. We're all guilty of it: daily heat styling, over processing, and missing a hair appointment. While it may not appear to be a big deal right now, these hair habits can contribute to dull, dry, or lifeless locks over time, and those occasional poor hair days can become a frequent occurrence.

So, today, we're talking about 5 ways to keep your hair healthy and revitalized. Avoid unhealthy hair habits, revive dull locks, and never have a bad hair day again with these tips!

Do you wash your hair too frequently?

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There is no definitive way to know how often you should shampoo your hair; however, it is advised that daily shampooing may be too much and could lead to an increase in split ends, dryness, breakage, or a lack of elasticity and movement.
The main purpose for shampooing is to remove the oil and dirt buildup on your scalp and hair. Therefore, what can damage your hair are frequent washes where it is exposed too many times before finally getting a chance to replenish its natural oils produced by the body. Our best advice would be to change up your cleansing routine so that you don't wash away these natural oils prematurely.

To begin, we recommend our REV320 Shampoo and Conditioner. This contains silk and milk proteins, which help to increase moisture and decrease flyways by preventing the bonds from breaking.

How to protect your hair against hard water?

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Hard water consists of a higher percentage of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can lead to more frequent shampooing and conditioning use. As time progresses, the hair will become lifeless, brittle, and discolored. This can happen because hard water prevents the natural oils on the scalp from staying put - they are released instead into other parts of the body where they don't belong (causing it to produce sebum).

To protect against hard water damage and protect your follicles, use a deep nourishing conditioner, such as the REV320 Intensive Care Treatment, as a hair mask once a week to lock in moisture.

Ingredients to avoid in hair care products

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One of the most crucial measures to achieving healthy, happy results is to keep your hair hydrated. Whether you have fine or coarse hair, any effective hair habits should start with moisturizing, nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

If you want to increase thickness and strength to your locks, our award-winning
REV3230 Shampoo and Conditioner are fine hair miracle workers when it comes to maintaining moisture and providing beautiful figure.

Protecting your hair from the sun

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With the warmer months quickly approaching, it's essential to keep our hair healthy and UV protected. According to several studies, sunshine is the most common cause of hair damage and unhealthy hair when on vacation, with the same number suffering from scalp burn.

We recommend the REV320 Nourishing Hair Oil for sun damage prevention. It not only protects against UV rays, but it also contains a blend of natural oils, which are designed to turn rough, unmanageable locks into smoother, more nourishing styles.

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Having a good Diet

The best and most crucial approach to maintain healthy hair is definitely by doing this. Iron, protein, and vitamins present in particular diets are crucial for hair growth. These nutrients are required by the hair cells to grow. In addition, they give hair its natural gloss. We advise you to include foods high in iron in your diet on a regular basis, such as fish, beans, soybeans, and vegetables. Protein-rich foods like milk, peas, and lentils should also be incorporated into your diet.

To support the work you are doing with your diet, drink lots of water every day. Healthy skin, nails, and hair are a result of maintaining hydration.