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Unleash your inner rock star with the 80s Glam Rock Pack! Infused with nature's best nutrients and a touch of luminescent magic, this trio guarantees to set the stage for show-stopping hair. Turn the volume up on your hair's health and shimmer, and get ready to steal the spotlight.


1.Begin with damp hair and evenly apply the 320 Pure - Smoothie for a nourishing base. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse.
2.Gently massage a few drops of the 320 Pure - Vitamin Booster into the scalp for a revitalizing experience.
Complete the regimen by applying the 320 Pure Lseries - Luminescence Oil to your hair, focusing on the ends for that perfect radiant finish.
3.Style and let the world witness your glamorous shine!


Rock your tresses with vibrant health and dazzling shine, thanks to our powerful blend of nourishing vitamins and natural smoothie extracts.


This kit contains:
-320 Pure Lseries - Smoothie 8oz.
-320 Pure Lseries - Luminscence Oil 4oz.
-320 Pure - Vitamin Booster 4oz.

Authorized Resellers Only: Please be aware that REV 320 haircare products can only be sold by authorized resellers. If you wish to sell our products on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart or your own website you must first obtain authorization from our company. Any unauthorized Reselling of our products will be considered a violation of our policies and may result in legal action. Thank you for understanding.

    320pure glam rock bundle
    320 pure smooth hair shine care duo
    320pure smooth shine hair bundles
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